Jens Fiedler #33

Developer (HUD) / Driver / Webdesigner

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Jan 2019
Fanatec V2
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RaceRoom / iRacing
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Audi R8 LMS
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Summit Point

Snowboarding, bodybuilding, downhill MTB, football, windsurfing. There are countless types of sports Jens Fiedler tried and he was always
incredibly bad in them. To be honest, simracing is just another entry on this list.

Jens Fiedler was born in germany in the mid 80s. His first experience in simracing he made 1996 at an age of 12 years, playing the F1 simulation „Grand Prix 2“. After „Grand Prix 2 „he walked through nearly every imported F1 game in the late 90s and early 2000nds (F1 Racing Simulation“, „F1 2000“, „F1 99-02“).
Beside the F1 games he played the whole series of „Colin McRae Rally“.

In 2004 he got in contact with the first part of the GTR series by Simbin. He stayed with the series and its
successors („GTR2“, „Race07“, „GT Legends“) till 2013. From 2013 to 2018 he was racing in iRacing participating in the IMSA racing series. In 2018 he headed back to Simbin/Sector3 game „RaceRoom Racing Experience“. He´s one of the founders of zeroforce racing.

Since October 2018 he´s participating in the leagues of virtual racing, the VTRM, VRGT3 and VRTCC

Jens Fiedler, Audi RS5 DTM, #51, Zandvoort
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