Martin Petermann #87

Marketing / Social Media / Driver

home town
Jan 2019
Cube Controls GT Pro Sparco
Pimax 8KX
RaceRoom / iRacing
fav. car
Corvette C7
fav. track
Nürburgring GP

Martin Petermann was born in germany in the mid 80s. His first experience in simracing he made 1997 at an age of 10 years, playing „Gran Turismo“. He stayed with the series for several years, participating in the qualification for the „GT Academy“ in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

In 2013 Martin changed from gamepad to wheel and improved his skills leading to a top200 result in the 2018 FIA championship of GT Sport.After the championship he moved from PS4 to PC, turned away from GT Sport and started with „RaceRoom Racing Experience“. He´s one of the founders of zeroforce racing.

Since October 2018 he´s participating in the leagues of virtual racing, the VTRM, VRGT3 and VRTCC

He achieved the final in the rookie class of the Avia Challenge 2019 and P13 in the shootout of the ADAC eSport GT Masters 2019/II

Martin Petermann, Audi R8 LMS, #6, Bathurst